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Kobe Seika Academy Culinary School
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Promotion activities, create new school brand

Website redesign of the Kobe Seika Academy Culinary School located in Kobe,Japan.
Two major problems have been identified with the current website. Firstly, high school students have little interest in attending pastry school. Secondly, the recruitment process on the website lacks information. Therefore, the redesign of the layout and content will aim to cultivate interests and gain the trust candidates and parents with sufficient information.

The website will feature the student run pastry shop with a colourful theme to highlight the friendliness and enthusiasm of current students and the unique school atmosphere.Pictures depicting happy students in the classroom and proudly displaying their pastry creations will give a glimpse of the positive campus life thereby cultivating enthusiasm and interest in the school.

By resolving the two major concerns, the website SEO ranking will significantly improve thereby attracting more users and brand awareness of the pastry school.

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Kobe Seika Academy Culinary School
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